Our Vision

We are committed to our challenges of quality and innovation in the same way that we are committed to our customers in their day to day, whether they are book lovers, professional or amateur athletes, or children who want to take on the world as soon as they get up.

Slastik® was founded in Barcelona at the end of 2014 under the name Eyewear from Barcelona, a city known for being at the forefront of innovation, design and fashion. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to designing new models of glasses with magnetic frames, always applying the latest technology and guaranteeing high quality materials, products and services. All Slastik® glasses are distributed throughout Spain, although we work to offer our specialized products so that they are available to everyone. Currently, Slastik® is found in more than 45 markets around the world, and we continue to grow inside and outside the country.
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Years of constant innovation

Dear Customer, we want you to welcome the new Slastik era. The era of the NEW PERSPECTIVE. We have a new way of seeing the world and we want to share it with you and our end users. At Slastik we want to continually drive change through our innovative and unique glasses. Please consider that: SLASTIK ARE THE ONLY GLASSES IN THE WORLD WITH A MAGNETIC FRONT CONNECTION WITH A FLEXIBLE HEAD BAND. With your help as our brand ambassadors, we want our end users to gain NEW PERSPECTIVES on their lives and benefit from our cutting-edge technology and design. Welcome to the NEW PERSPECTIVE!